About Geyikbayiri

Location and Climate:

The famous Mediterranean historical beach city of Antalya, on the south coast of Turkey, has excellent direct flight connections from all over Europe and is blessed with 300 days of sunshine per year. Antalya has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and moderately warm winters. Even on the colder days of ”winter”, in January and February, the temperature rarely slips below 15°C in the sun. The best season for climbing starts at the beginning of September and runs through until the end of May. There are sunny and shady sectors and even areas for climbing on rare days of rain. In the summer months it is really too hot for climbing.


Only twenty-five kilometres from Antalya lies one of the greatest sport climbing areas in the world – Geyikbayiri (Gay – eek – ba – year). In complete contrast to the busy city below, Geyikbayiri represents a tranquil rural mountain backwater amongst the olive, pomegranate and orange groves.
The area has over 1000 routes covering more than 20 sectors. The routes run through the grades, from 5a to 9a. All the routes are professionally bolted and equipped with two bolt anchor points and minimum 10mm stainless steel bolts.
The climbing is on beautiful intricately featured and streaked limestone. The climbing is very varied featuring slabs and faces; small crimps and bomber overhanging tufas; roofs and caves – you name it something for everyone!


The area was discovered and first developed for climbing in 2000 by Metin Yılmaz and his close friend Öztürk Kayıkcı.
Öztürk is the author of the excellent local guidebook: “A Rock Climbing Guidebook To Antalya “. Öztürk is still very active developing routes in the area. For detailed information about the area, new routes and the updates you can visit http://www.ozturkkayikci.com.tr , or even better buy the guidebook, the majority of the proceeds are ploughed straight back into bolting new routes and maintaining established lines!