About Geyikbayırı

Geyikbayiri- ANTALYA
Geyikbayırı is the largest Rock Climbing spot in Antalya/ Turkey and is becoming one of the most famous area around the World. For almost all climbers Geyikbayırı represents much more than a small villiage. Beautiful scenery, amazing weather, grades varying between 5a to 9a, the distance to Antalya (25km away from the city centre and beach, 100 Km from Olympos) , low-cost flights and nice accomodation all add up to make Geyikbayırı an ideal winter rock climbing and holiday area in Antalya.cropped-20180415_173026-e1538730412534.jpg


The main crag is 1.5Km in length with several other excellent crags. The area provides over 1000 routes in much then 20 sectors across at all grades.  Rock climbing is on top-quality limestone rock with many features such as slabs and faces including small crimps to bomber overhanging tufas and roofs.GUNES


The crag was discovered in 2000 by Metin Yılmaz. His close friend Öztürk Kayıkcı began to set up new lines in the same year. The area has been devoloped untill now by the local and foreign route setters. All the routes in Geyikbayırı are well equipped with two boltanchor points and minimum 10mm stainless steel bolts. Öztürk is still an active route setter and he proceeded to bolting from the sale of his climbing guidebook “A Rock Climbing Guidebook To Antalya “. For more information about the guide book, new routes and the updates you can visit http://www.ozturkkayikci.comcropped-1278347_10201407578084403_1977742359_n.jpg


Antalya has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and modetarely warm winters. Around 300 days of the year are sunny. The best season for climbing starts in the beginning of September. Until the end of May(9 months) you can find suitable sectors in Geyikbayırı according to the weather conditions.Some of the sectors are suitable for climbing during the rain and you can easily find a lot of spots to climb in the sunny days. January and February are the coldest months, but even then the weather is still warm at around 15 C.