Volkan Özkan:

Volkan has been an official sport-climbing trainer and routesetter of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation since 2006 (UIAA certified). He has been extensively and new-routing around Turkey for 15-years. Volkan is also a Level 3 Instructor and Supervisor in the IRATA International rope access system. Climbing is his passion and his lifestyle.

Mustafa Kalaycı:

Mustafa has been an active mountain guide and rock climbing instructor for 20-years. Mustafa climbed Everest in 2007 from the Tibetan side, he is a veteran of several Himalayan expeditions. Mustafa has climbed other major summits around the world, including Aconcagua, the highest point in South America, several climbs technical climbs on Mont Blanc and Kilimanjaro in Africa. Mustafa is a member of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation (UIAA certified).

Metin Yılmaz:


He completed his training as UIAA Mountaineer guiding and sport climbing trainer of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation at 1999.Metin is also a ski tour leader and rescue divemaster of Padi.Climbing is a lifestyle for him.