Arda Mert Poslu

Instructor – UIAA Certified

Arda is an experienced climbing instructor with over 5 years of teaching and over 8 years of outdoor climbing experience. He is also UIAA certified. He has done in multiple rock climbing disciplines including sport climbing and trad climbing. Arda is a certified indoor routesetter, having set routes for both lead and boulder in multiple climbing gyms across Turkey. Additionally, he is also involved in outdoor routesetting in this region.

Furthermore, Arda’s commitment to safety and the region of Geyikbayiri extends to his work as a part of the rescue team. In case of any emergencies, he is well-equipped to assist his fellow climbers in need. He also maintains the routes around Geyikbayiri to ensure all equipment on the walls are safe for climbers. With his diverse skill set and experience, Arda makes an excellent climbing instructor who is passionate about helping others reach new heights in their climbing journey safely.

Volkan Ozkan

Founder/Instructor – UIAA Certified

Volkan Ozkan is an seasoned climber and official sport climbing trainer with over 20 years of climbing experience. He is a highly respected figure in the Turkish climbing community, and is recognized as the official rock-climbing route setter of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation (UIAA Certified).

Volkan has been teaching climbing to students of all ages and skill levels for over 15 years, having taught in multiple schools and student groups. He has also bolted over 150 outdoor routes under him, all over Turkey, including at least 50 in Geyikbayiri. Additionally, he is committed to maintaining the climbing routes in Geyikbayiri to ensure safe conditions for all climbers.

Apart from his climbing and teaching experience, Volkan also has over 15 years of rope access experience under his belt. He is also managing the rescue team in the region, with the skills and expertise needed to ensure the safety of climbers during his course as well as in the event of an emergency.

Volkan’s passion for climbing and commitment to safety make him an ideal instructor for climbers of all skill levels. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, and is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable climbing experience for all.

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